Conceptual artist Susan Rosmarin has been passionate about photography for more than 30 years. Susan developed her eye for composition through her love of jazz. With her intuitive style, she captured the pulse of hundreds of musicians performing live. Many of Susanís photos have been published in jazz books. She also wrote reviews and articles in a national jazz publication, along with her photos. Susan has also received several photography awards.

As a parent and a grandparent, Susan began photographing family and friendís children for fun only to discover that her favorite subjects were children and babies. Her naturally warm and whimsical demeanor allows children to shine.

With a welcoming home studio, children can be themselves and have fun without feeling rushed or unnaturally posed. Susan does not rely on the use of props. Her purpose is to portray the innocence, wonder, amazement and unexpected expressions that can be evoked when a child is totally relaxed. One of Susanís strengths is her ability to relate to the children she photographs and manages to capture their true personality in just one click.

After many years of shooting with film, Susan has transitioned to digital and uses the latest equipment available to provide images that parents, relatives and friends will treasure for a lifetime.